Dog Poop, Loss of Control and Hemangiopericytoma

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You guessed it? I wouldn't have. "Dog poop" maybe, but "hemangiopericytoma", no way, and loss of control" too vague. That's one of the hard parts about being a webmaster (a "pretend job" in my case if it's judged by income earned). A website isn't much good to anyone if it addresses issues that interest nobody but the webmaster. It's like "does a bear poop in woods if no one is there to see it?" Yes, but do we care and did you notice that I cleaned up that quote since this is a classy and childfriendly site? Maybe it's not exactly like the bear thing, but I have less than 10 minutes until my children get home from school and that fact is clouding my mind.

Dog Poop

We/me at fancy ourselves to be somewhat the poop experts. We've addressed issues such as dog poop disposal as in being a good dog parent/citizen and not leaving poop all over for everyone else to step in, as well as "loss of control"/incontinence kind of poop issues that are not uncommon to senior dogs, and finally diarrhea poop issues which we plan to explore in much greater detail very soon.

Bailey is living all of these poop issues. We've got the dog poop pick up, good citizen thing down to our (I can't believe it, the royal our/we?) satisfaction with reusing our newspaper bags. The loss of control/ incontinence poop issues are an ongoing issue. We use supplements to help build butt muscle (Bailey's back end is his worst part in terms of loss of muscle mass), we try very hard to time trips outside and walks, and we use fairly easily washable bedding, including having lots of quilts on hand and we are constantly testing new cleanup, odor remover and laundry products. It's going pretty well but diarrhea is a real challenge that we've been dealing with periodically for the past 6 weeks or so. Regular old firm dog poop is pretty much a breeze. Move Bailey out of the way, pick up the dog poop, disinfect and wash anything that needs washing. I'll save the diarrhea complications for another time.

Too Much About Dog Poop?

My sister says she thinks I spend way too much time thinking about poop and that I may be obsessed with the subject. But my tracking of queries in seems to me to prove her wrong since dog poop seems to be what our readers want to hear about. I can write about diapers for poop incontinent dogs (incontinance of feces) too. It's a short one since they don't exist to my knowledge. The reason may be obvious to other people, but it wasn't to me until I spent lots of time trying to find a diaper for Bailey. The male dog wrap around the middle obviously wouldn't work. So maybe a diaper really made for females with openings for the legs and a hole for the tail would work if it was in a manly color? No. The reason is that dogs generally have tails and the hole for the tail leaves a straight shot opening for the poop to exit the diaper and hit the floor. I think that's enough for now about poop. I promise to address the subject of doggie diarrhea in great detail very soon.

Do Readers want to Read About Dog Pee?

Pee is much harder to deal with than poop in terms of household cleanup. Bailey's occasional indoor peeing got me back to thinking about diapers again, but more about that another time. Promise.

What do You Want to Read About in

Send a message and I'll give it a shot. No guarantees since, as the disclaimer says, I am not a vet or a professional dog person. If you're looking for common sense and experience, I'm your dog person!


Anonymous said...

Are there diapers you would recommend for a senior dog - she's prob 50 lbs?

Senior Dog Central (Old Dogs Rule!) said...

I answered this a few months ago, but didn't publish the response. Here goes, in case it helps:

I's so sorry to take so long to answer! I have been busy clearing ice and snow and trying to catch up on things. I don't have a particular recommendation for diapers for a female dog, since I have only used diapers for our male dog, but I could pass on a few thoughts. First, think about whether you want to go with disposable or washable diapers. I used washables with disposable feminine napkins inside to help absorption since I fould the pet inserts didn't do the trick. I tried washable diapers from a fnacy pet ship in faulous prints but they were too binding on Bailey with his fragile lets even though they were meant for much bigger dogs. I tried an online brand and they were good and the once that worked best were from Petco. I hope that helps. Please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hey!! - so nice to read about your beloved Bailey. We have a beautiful Lali girl dog. Ridgeback & only 11 years old, but seems to be on on her final legs. Lots of pooping and cleaning up going on, but the worst of it is that she gets stuck while sleeping and then is in heaps of pain until we lift her up and get her out of her bad position. She seems to be going down hill, and we have been weeping a lot this past week.

I see your post is old - how is Bailey doing.?

you can email me on it you wish. Probably unwise to post my email on line - but i am fretting for my doggie,and what the heck.!!

Anonymous said...

my lab is 12 yrs. She does hurt, and she gets up to go poop, and it starts as soon as she gets up to go. drops out. Stool looks healthy. Most days its solid enough to pick up. We are at end of days, but I want to help eliminate this problem because it bothers her. And me as well. I am trying to get facts, not win an award for being compationate